Month: June 2014

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale for Men

As of today, the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale for Men has started. This sale is a great way to get some quality clothing from a retailer that is often too expensive at retail price. What is great about Nordstrom is that it has free shipping and free returns, and outstanding customer service in my experience.

One of my favorite sites, Dappered, has put together a listing of the sale items that are most desirable. One of my favorites include the Smartcare Gingham Trim Fit Dress Shirts, which will not billow out like most dress shirts that you by at say, Macy’s. These are something worth spending money on as they will look good after years of use and can be worn off the rack by many guys. You will also avoid the excess fabric that is representative of a lot house brand dress shirts.

See the full post here at and happy shopping!