How To Sell Your Old IPhone in Preperation for the IPhone 6

Sell Your Old Iphone

This guide from TIME shows you how to sell your old IPhone in preparation for the IPhone 6 that will be released within the next few weeks. One of the great things about IPhones is that you can upgrade every other year and sell your old device to cover the cost of the new device when it is time to renew your contract. This often isn’t the case with Android Phones, as they are often outdated by the time your contract is up.

I have had success selling multiple IPhones on ebay and have received in excess of the price that it costs to upgrade. Additionally, ebay offers seller protection to avoid the scams that will be present on sites like Craiglist. Even though it is a little more time consuming than sites like Gazelle, you will receive a higher amount for the phone, as convenience is prices into these services.

Everything You Need To Know About Selling Your Old iPhone.


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