Is Uber or Lyft Cheaper for my trip?


What’s the Fare – Uber vs. Lyft Comparison tool

Get $30 off your First Uber Ride 

With the advent of ride sharing services Lyft and Uber, there brings about the question of what method of travel is going to be the cheapest between the two services. As each calculates the fare based on a number of factors, and even adds costs based on the time of day that the service is used, it is somewhat cumbersome to open up both apps and compare the fares between the routes, which is a multiple step process on both of the services. This is where the online website What’s the Fare comes into play.

What’s the Fare is a simple tool in which you type in your current location and destination, and the website will spit out the cost for each of the ride services. This is a very simple way to compare the fares between the services, and will save you time and money. In my experience, both services have been reliable to get from point A to point B, and a great opportunity to meet some fantastic people in the community.


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