Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Planning Tool

Take Hold of Your Finances with
In my experience, the best budgeting and personal finance planning tool is three things: easy to use, easy to understand, and free. These characteristics are important because they will not only allow you to start using the tool, but they will encourage your to keep using the tool to make the most of it. In this case, the personal finance tool is more of a personal finance online tool, With a wonderful online interface, along with helpful mobile tools to keep track of your spending and finances on the go, it is a perfect solution for beginners and even seasoned personal finance experts to get on track and save money.

Easy To Understand
First and foremost, a personal finance tool should be easy to use. You should be able to take a quick glance through light the day and know how your finances stand at and point in time. This is accomplished by the dashboard that mint has set up which accomplishes these tasks. It contains all of your account information, the current balance, and also any bills that may be coming due in the upcoming period. Even if you only have a few minutes of your time to check out the see, the dashboard will keep you up to date. 

Easy To Use 
The second most important aspect if a personal finance tool is it’s ease of use. If using the app is tedious and long winded, you are less likely to stick to a routine of checking it regularly. Mint accomplishes the task of being easy to use in that if offers and intuitive website interface with multiple ways to view your finances. You can get an overview of your situation at any given time, drill down into the detailed transactions across many accounts, and even come up with graphs and charts to help in visualizing our data over a period of time. 
Additionally, mint offers an app that is available on iPhone and android platforms, giving you access when a computer isn’t available. The mobile app offers much of the functionality of the full site, becoming a useful tool to monitor spending when you are out on the go. 

Last, but still importantly, the app is completely free to use. This is important because it eliminates any barriers to entry when setting up the tool. You won’t need to hand over your credit card and add anther expense to your list of bills. To subsidize the free cost, mint sometimes suggests cards and financial products that may fit your situation, but these adds are easily avoidable and unobtrusive. 


Overall, is a great solution for your all in one personal finance tool. It is an easy to use, easy to understand product that can help you take hold of your financial situation with very little set up time. 


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