365 Days of Frugality Day 1: Pack Your Lunch for Work

This post is part of the 365 Days of Frugality Series. Every day, there will be a new tip on how to bring frugality into your day to day life. Check out the postings so far here.

 download (2)

This is one of the things that can instantly result in savings on an everyday basis. At the minimum, you are spending $5 each day to go out to eat, which adds up to $25 per week, or $1,300 per year. Think about what you could spend this money on! This is enough for a nice vacation, although it you are using my tips, you could vacation for free. Regardless, packing your lunch will leave extra dollars in your pocket at the end of the week, and will also be more kind to your waste line, as the average fast food meal contains a whopping 836 calories. 



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