365 Days of Frugality Day 3: Skip the Morning Coffee

This post is part of the 365 Days of Frugality Series. Every day, there will be a new tip on how to bring frugality into your day to day life. Check out the postings so far here.


Until you get to work, that is. That sentence alone without the second part could probably put some people in shock.

I walked into a Starbucks the other day and was  astonished by the prices charged for some of the items. $4.75 for a small frappuccino? Outrageous. Small indulgences like these add up to become major line items on a budget over a weekly and monthly basis. Instead of making the morning coffee stop, switch up your routine and make a thermos before you leave work. Even single serve Keurigs are a better deal than going to a coffee joint, and are very convenient. You can even buy k-cups off of Amazon as low as 61 cents each. (Donut Shop is my favorite, btw.) Better yet, take advantage of the office provided coffee for a few days. Yes, I know some of it is terrible, but caffeine is caffeine and even drinking this a few times during the week will save a few bucks. You may even end up liking the convenience and even learn to appreciate it black compared to the sugary mess that Starbucks passes off.

As an added extra, here is a recipe for how to make a pumpkin spice latte, for those that are addicted to the Starbucks offering during this time of the year.



  1. My workplace doesn’t provide coffee, but I like to buy a bag of good quality ground coffee and make my own at home, using a cafetière, and drink it before going to work. Tastes much better than Starbucks. I don’t get why people buy a Starbucks coffee to take away. I see the price as including the atmosphere of being in a coffee shop and sitting on a comfy sofa and using their wifi, etc.

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    1. Thank you for the comment! That is a great idea to use a press like that. Also saves some of the cost from the k-cups and allows more variety. I will have to try that out. And about Starbucks, I agree with the atmosphere, but I would still go with a local place if available!

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      1. Yes, Starbucks isn’t my coffee shop of choice. I prefer Costa – which is still a chain, but slightly more local, as it’s a UK chain rather than an American one. And it has better coffee than Starbucks. Coffee shops aren’t such a big thing in the UK though (Brits traditionally prefer tea!) and there aren’t a lot of local ones, at least not near me. The local ones tend to be cafés rather than coffee shops, so they don’t specialise in coffee, and often get the cappuccinos wrong! I like a really frothy cappuccino when I go out for coffee, rather than a milky coffee with a few bubbles on top. 🙂


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