How to Get Your Credit Score Free On a Monthly Basis

A credit score is something that is somewhat elusive and cryptic in personal finance, but simply ignoring your score can harm your finances, and potentially lead to financial ruin. Although advertisements for services such as proclaim free access to your credit, these often do not come with an actual score, and often lead to monthly fees. One of the trends that has been occuring within the credit card companies is to offer a free score every month with your statement. This is a great tool to take advantage of as it will give you an updated score on a regular basis to use for your resource. Listed below are credit card companies that offer your FICO score on your monthly report and a recommended card for each.

One of the best things that Discover has going for it is their customer service. All of my dealings with the company have been nothing but pleasurable. In addition, they offer an online chat service in which you can directly chat with a representative that is more than willing to address any questions.
One of the great things about the BarclayCard is that points can be used for any travel expenses, which can include hotel stays, flights, and even taxis. This means that, unlike many other rewards systems, hotels and flights can be booked at a discount from sites like Kayak or Hotwire, and the points are then used to reduce the amount on your monthly statement. This is a great resource for thrifty travelers as you save the hassle of booking through the specific reward sites, which are often cumbersome and timely.

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