Month: November 2014

10 Things That Today’s Middle Class Can No Longer Afford – Len Penzo dot Com

Do you agree with this? Is there anything else that you would add?


10 Things That Today’s Middle Class Can No Longer Afford – Len Penzo dot Com.


Travel for Free: The Best Way of Manufactured Spending

In my opinion, the target prepaid redcard is the best and easiest way to manufacture spend available right now. This is due to it being able to be loaded with up to $5,000 at Target DIRECTLY WITH A CREDIT CARD. That is right, no hassle with loading gift cards of traveling to Wal-Mart and hoping for a kiosk. You simply go up to a register, tell them you want to load your card, and swipe. Take advantage of this method while it lasts.


Full details in the guide below from one of my favorite bloggers.


The complete guide to REDbird: The Target Prepaid REDcard – The Frequent Miler – The Frequent Miler.

Earn Free Money with Bing Rewards


Earn Points with Bing Rewards 

Bing rewards is a great way to receive free money for doing something that you already do, search the internet. Your receive a point for every  2 searches that your do on a computer, up to 15 points per day. You can also do search on mobile, with a point being received for every 2 searches that are performed up to a total of 10 points per day. Doing this everyday can net you a free Amazon gift card every day, or pay for a month of Hulu plus. Overall not a big prize, but some extra money for doing something that you would normally do everyday. Just set bing as your home page and search engine and search as normal.

Bing Rewards