Ten Free or Almost Free Travel Deals

Ten Free or Almost Free Travel Deals | Frugal Travel Guy.


Last Minute Gift Ideas: Bespoke Post $25 Weeekender Bag Deal

Bespoke post is a great service that allows you to buy high quality goods at a low price. Most of the boxes are around $35, but with the current deal going on, you can get 30% off by using the code RESCUE at checkout. This brings you down to approximately $30, and as the deal is regularly $45, shipping is free.

In addition, DISCOVER DEALS also has a deal for a $5 off statement credit for a purchase at Bespoke Post, if you have a Discover Card. Simply go to the Discover Deals site, under REWARDS tab when you log into your account, and use the search function to search for Bespoke Post. Then click-through to the site and pick your box. A statement credit will be applied to your account to bring the total to a little over $25 when all is said and done.

The bag I chose is an overnight bag that I will be using for a gift exchange. This will result in a relatively cheap gift and appears to be worth more than that, which is key. Click through below to visit the site and take advantage of the deal.


The Frugal Graduate’s Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for someone who is frugal for the holidays isn’t an easy task. As they most likely live a minimalist lifestyle, you want to give them something that can be utilized on a day-to-day basis and really be appreciated. This guide highlights some of the ways that you can give them something useful, but also treat them to something that they wouldn’t have otherwise spent their own money on.

Allen Edmonds Travel Shoe Care Kit – $25

Quality footwear is one of the things that I always like to spend money on, as a nice pair of shoes is going to last far longer than your run of the mill entry-level footwear. This is because they will use high quality materials such as leather and wood that can be reconditioned to bring new life to product. This kit provides a good entry-level kit for both black and brown dress shoes, with polish, two applicators, polishing cloths, and a horse hide brush.

Amazon Prime – $100

Amazon Prime has become one of the most useful tools in the quest for saving money. This is because Amazon offers many products at lower prices than I can get in the store, and with Prime these items get free two-day shipping with no minimum. This saves me from impulse purchases and making unnecessary trips to the store, as I can order the item and have it within the next few days. In addition, Amazon Prime grants you access to a library of over 40,000 shows and movies, the ability to steam over a million songs, and the ability to borrow kindle books, in addition to the free two-day shipping for a low-cost of $99 per year. This is on par with Netflix, and the free shipping is icing on the cake. Sign up now to receive a free thirty-day trial. 

A Good Pair of Boots $150

There are few things that are most versatile than a good paid of boots. They can be worn in most places from later summer to early spring and look good with everything from chinos to jeans. In addition, a mid-level pair will last years. I recently got a paid of Chippewa boots and they are comfortable right out of the box. They are a great alternative to the Red Wing Beckman boots and I couldn’t notice any quality differences.


Hopefully these gifts will give you some ideas for the frugal man in your life. Happy shopping!


Travel for Free: The Best Way of Manufactured Spending

In my opinion, the target prepaid redcard is the best and easiest way to manufacture spend available right now. This is due to it being able to be loaded with up to $5,000 at Target DIRECTLY WITH A CREDIT CARD. That is right, no hassle with loading gift cards of traveling to Wal-Mart and hoping for a kiosk. You simply go up to a register, tell them you want to load your card, and swipe. Take advantage of this method while it lasts.


Full details in the guide below from one of my favorite bloggers.


The complete guide to REDbird: The Target Prepaid REDcard – The Frequent Miler – The Frequent Miler.

Earn Free Money with Bing Rewards


Earn Points with Bing Rewards 

Bing rewards is a great way to receive free money for doing something that you already do, search the internet. Your receive a point for every  2 searches that your do on a computer, up to 15 points per day. You can also do search on mobile, with a point being received for every 2 searches that are performed up to a total of 10 points per day. Doing this everyday can net you a free Amazon gift card every day, or pay for a month of Hulu plus. Overall not a big prize, but some extra money for doing something that you would normally do everyday. Just set bing as your home page and search engine and search as normal.

Bing Rewards